Large international business meeting, attendance of over 100 mayors, more collaboration between Slovenia and Macedonia

Today over 170 companies attended an international business meeting between entrepreneurs and craftsmen from Slovenia, European Union member states and Southeast Europe. There were about 500 individual meetings and discussions between the representatives of 8 countries. According to Public Agency for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments (JAPTI), there are 8 million Euros available to foreign investors, and hence their big interest.

Mayors and other municipal officials talked about obtaining financial assistance from the European Cohesion Fund and about problems municipalities encounter when applying for them.  They also discussed opportunities for municipalities to create entrepreneur-friendly environment, about tools and good practices for a successful development of municipalities within the next Multiannual EU Financial Framework 2014-2020.  

From now on, close collaboration is expected between Slovenia and Macedonia due to the Memorandum on Cooperation signed by Slovenian Chamber of Craft and Small Business and Macedonian Chamber of Crafts. This way they intend to strengthen their business activities and collaboration, exchange information, know-how and experiences. Their goal is to achieve better and stronger collaboration between Slovenian and Macedonian entrepreneurs and craftsmen, and to further their friendly relations.