The third day under the sign of international collaboration and awards presentation

Slovenia and Serbia have good economic relations, but there is still plenty of room for improvement and opportunities for collaboration. Serbian ambassador for Slovenia Predrag Filipov who yesterday attended the meeting of both Chambers of Economy is convinced that an agreement on duty-free sales between Serbia and Russian Federation presents a special advantage for investors. Economic cooperation will undoubtedly be enhanced with a signed agreement on collaboration between Celje and Subotica Regional Chambers of Economy.

Slovenia presents an opportunity for successful multinational corporations. A proof of that is undoubtedly the latest move of the Japanese global manufacturer of hand electrical tools Makita which explained their reasons for moving their sales, logistics and marketing activities for East Europe from Vienna in Austria to Slovenia.

Friday was also under the sign of traditional awards presentation as Celje Fair Plc, Celje Municipality and Slovenian Chamber of Craft and Small Business (OZS, which also had its own day yesterday, presented the winners with awards for their achievements. Another very important discussion was about road and traffic safety.