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Energetics fair is a biennial event featuring exhibitors who have included energy efficiency and responsibility towards the environment in all the pores of their business strategy. It caters for professional audience as well as general public aware of the importance of efficient use of energy as well as benefits of exploitation of renewable energy sources.  

 Energetics Exhibition Programme features:

  • Exploitation of renewable energy sources (photovoltaics, wind turbines, small hydroelectric plants, technologies for use of biomass and geothermal energy)
  • Fuel supply
  • Energy conversion devices (motor generators, micro turbines, industrial boilers with different purposes of use)
  • Residential remote area power supply (remote heating and cooling, gas supply)
  • Energy end-use efficiency (heating devices for buildings, cooling and air-conditioning systems, refrigeration of food and other products, household appliances, measuring devices, regulatory systems and automation, energy efficient building and devices, lighting)
  • Energy and the environment
  • Quality of life and energy
  • Sanitation and swimming pool techniques (plumbing, sanitary installations and fitting)

 Energetics in numbers:

  • Over 530 direct and represented companies
  • Nearly 21,000 exhibitors
  • 14,000 m2 of exhibition space