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Celje Fair Plc. is a company that specialises in organising fairs and events and renting out congress halls. We are the largest organiser of fairs in Slovenia. Throughout 40 years of experience we have gained national as well as international recognition. We are organisers of 20 fairs, some of which are annual and others are biennial.

Each year the fairs at the Celje Showground are visited by over 230,000 visitors. With other events included, the number of visitors comes close to half a million. Ours is the largest and most modernly equipped showground in Slovenia.

Celje Fair Plc does not only organise trade shows, but also other events as we boast a large number of facilities serving different purposes from meetings to other social and educational events which meet all the requirements of the modern business world.


Celje lives with trade fairs and trade fairs live with Celje. Celje Fair Plc continues the  old tradition. We started organizing trade fairs already in 1967.

  • October 1863 – the first modern fair event takes place (first agriculture exhibition in Celje)
  • 1922 – first craft exhibition is organised by All Slovenian Crafts Society (167 exhibitors from Slovenia and former Yugoslavia)
  • 1967 – Slovenian craftsmen make a decision about organising annual trade fairs in Celje (the final decision is made at the »First Craftsmen Meeting« on 2 September 1967 in Dobrna and is complemented by a casual craft exhibition)
  • 1968 –  1975 eight fair events are held in Celje at Kladivar Athletic Association (AD) stadium
  • 1976– In May ŠRC Golovec is established and the 20 July sees an opening of the eventshall; the event moves to permanent indoor exhibition premises and suitable outdoor space; the new showground allows more modern and better organized display.
  • 1984 to 1993 – purpose-built halls C, D, and E are built and ŠRC Golovec  becomes  Celje Fair Ltd
  • 1995 – Celjanka office building, a new acquisition, is built
  • 1996 –Celje Fair Ltd becomes  Celje Fair Plc
  • 1999 – Hall L is built
  • 2004 – Hall K is built
  • 2009 – Solar power plant is mounted on the roof of the halls


Executive Director 
Robert Otorepec, M.Sc.

Management Board

M.Sc. Franc Pangerl,
President of the Management Board

Robert Otorepec, M.Sc.
Member of the Management Board

Tina Kramer, LL.B.
Deputy of President of the Management Board

Nina Ermenc Pangerl, MA
Member of the Management Board

Identity card

Celjski sejem d.d. – Celje Fair Plc
Legal status: corporation
Head Office Adress: Dečkova 1, Celje
VAT identification number: SI 51469243
Registration nr.: 5159636000

Transaction account:
  • A BANKA d.d.: IBAN: SI56 0510 0801 5295 825; SWIFT BIC: ABANSI2X