MOS is a business and trade fair event that attracts over 900 exhibitors and 120,000 visitors each year. It comprises 5 segments: MOS Dom, MOS Teh, MOS Tur, MOS Biz and MOS Plus. MOS is also accompanied by lectures, events and workshops from different areas, where one can get useful information about building a home or find out how to start your own business.  Traditionally, the trade fair has a partner country each year, which makes it even easier to establish economic ties between countries. This year the trade fair’s partner country is Montenegro.

52st MOS presents MOS Dom, MOS Tur, MOS Teh, MOS B2B and MOS Plus


 MOS Dom is the largest event in the field of construction and home renovation, as the fair comprises as many as seven exhibition halls, and a part of the outdoor area.

MOS Dom addresses all the visitors who are planning to build or are already building or renovating their apartments, houses or business premises and who have not forgotten about the exterior, which is an important element of any space. Additional value is provided by free advice at the MOS’s Counselling workshops. Experts have helped numerous visitors with key questions about how to start construction or renovation of an apartment or other building, provided advice on efficient energy use and use of renewable energy sources, suggested what interior equipment, colours and materials to choose, how to equip small rooms efficiently etc.

Why exhibit at MOS Dom?

  • Because at the fair visitors look for novelties and improvements of products and services that contribute to energy efficient construction and renovation.
  • Because more and more buyers are becoming aware that they can contribute to reduced costs and negative environmental impacts if they make correct purchase decisions.
  • Because for 18.3 % of potential customers, the main reason for visiting the trade fair is the construction and heating programme.
  • Because for 19.7 % potential buyers, one of the main reasons for visiting the trade fair is the furniture and interior equipment programme.
  • Because free counselling at MOS Counselling is also one of the main reasons for visiting the fair.


 MOS Tur is an important event in the vast segment of tourism, which has experienced the fastest growth of all segments of MOS in the recent years. From the traditional programme of hospitality equipment, it expanded to the fields of gastronomy, the presentation of the most appealing tourist destinations in Slovenia and the wider region, and especially camping and caravanning.

Side events, such as the outdoor park and various culinary experiences, give it exceptional added value. MOS Tur is complemented by the programme of green and active tourism and the offer of active leisure time equipment, as we want MOS Tur to become the most important tourism event in Slovenia.

Why exhibit at MOS Tur?

  • Because for over 50% of the visitors, one of the main reasons for visiting is the field of tourism, gastronomy and caravanning.
  • Because the fair is visited by active individuals with a high purchasing power.
  • Because it provides an excellent platform for the presentation of your offer, learning about new trends, checking your competition, and most of all an opportunity for networking and making business deals with other exhibitors from various professional and business areas.


 MOS Teh is a world of machines, robots, mechanisation, professional tools and vehicle maintenance. It is a world understood and lived by technologists, developers, maintenance engineers, programmers, craftspeople, technical experts, amateur mechanics and handymen. They are brought together by professionality, accuracy, adaptability and ingenuity, which continuously encourage exhibitors to present the latest technological developments and know-how.

Each year, MOS’s long-standing tradition is complemented by an upgraded and rich exhibition programme of industry and craft equipment and materials.  Every September, all the technical professions come together at the most prominent trade fair event in the region.

Why exhibit at MOS Teh?

  • Because for almost one fourth of the visitors, the main reason for visiting the fair are the presentations of enterprises from the metalworking and electro industry, as well as manufacturers of machinery, professional tools, equipment and devices.
  • Because as many as 85 % of business visitors decide or help to decide in making strategic decisions in the companies where they are employed. For over one third of business visitors, the main objective of visiting the fair is to make new business contacts.


 MOS B2B is intended for owners and managers of small and medium-sized enterprises, newly established businesses and businesspeople. It can help you launch your business as well as improve the level of your business performance.

Each year, MOS B2B brings together businesspeople from the business and services branches and helps exhibitors with the acquisition of new customers, company growth, expansion of sales programmes, finding new suppliers and finding new solutions. It gives businesses a priceless insight into the operations of other businesses and expansion to new markets. For small and medium enterprises, participation in such fairs significantly increases the chances of export of products and services to new markets.

MOS B2B offers exclusive opportunities for networking and participation in various relevant workshops, seminars and presentations held by top-level professionals.

Why exhibit at MOS B2B?

  • Exhibiting at MOS B2B gives you the opportunity to directly and personally reach a significant number of local companies that need products and services from your offer, or expand your business to other countries.
  • Networking with over 1000 entrepreneurs from Slovenia and abroad.
  • At MOS B2B your customers are already present – save your time and money and find new customers now!

MOS Plus

 MOS Plus represents an excellent opportunity for you to sell quality and competitive products or services. In just six days, your exhibition space will be seen by over ten thousand potential buyers. MOS Plus enables the acquisition of new customers, company growth, expansion of sales programmes and finding new suppliers.

Why exhibit at MOS Plus?

  • Because one of the main reasons for visiting the trade fair includes the opportunity to make good purchases at trade fair prices.
  • Because the fair is visited by general and professional public with a high purchasing power.
  • Save time and money and find new customers now. At MOS Plus, buyers are already present, so make sure to reserve your space among them!