Digitalisation and toolmaking 4.0 are just around the corner

This year’s Economic Forum in Davos published the Global Competitiveness Report. As many as 11 West-European countries were among the first 20 countries. Unfortunately, Slovenia is not one of them, and this should be dealt with promptly. Janez Poje, Executive Director of the company Kern d.o.o. and years-long member of the ISTMA toolmaking association, started the presentation of the developments and trends in the toolmaking world in a picturesque way: “In the toolmaking business, each week is like the Mission Impossible movie.” After getting a chuckle from the audience, he continued on a more serious note. He pointed out that factories around the globe have already become a part of the educational system – this way knowledge is transferred into practice more quickly. Our educational system’s autonomous stance exacerbates the imbalance of vocations in the society even further. Pragmatically oriented development, supported by capital, provides results and enhances resources.

Staff educated in Slovenia is crucial for Slovenian economy

The importance of establishing cooperation between the economic and the educational sector lies in the exchange of expertise and research activities that are carried out in the Faculty’s laboratories in addition to the study programmes, as well as in the opportunities that we have at hand to solve production problems. This cooperation resulted in numerous examples of good practice in the field of materials, processes and technologies that have become established in production – from new measuring methods and procedures to products and construction solutions.